What brand mattress should buy?

March 13, 2014

Should you buy a Serta, Sealy, Simmons, Stern & Foster, Spring Air or Kingsdown?

If you buy any of these brands or any of the other 200 brands on the market that has a spring system, you are buying a Leggett & Platt.  That’s right!  Every spring system in these mattresses are made by the same company.  Legget & Platt have about 15 different spring systems that they offer, but don’t try to read about them on their website.  They don’t provide that information to the general public.  Most mattress reviews don’t mention the type of system because these reviews are designed to steer you towards a particular name brand.

You should ask the salesperson at the mattress store what system it is.  (If they don’t know then you are at the wrong store).  The salesperson should be able to answer any questions with regard to mattress construction.  (If you asked a car salesman “what type of motor is in this car?” wouldn’t you expect him to be knowledgeable about it?  It really comes down to the construction of the mattress.  All the other information is really just sales propaganda and designed to avoid the facts.

Here are the questions that you should be asking:

  • What spring system is this mattress?
  • What type of foam?
  • What density foam?
  • What type of cover?

If you are researching name brands, you are wasting your time.  It really comes down to:   What mattress system is this? 

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