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Why you'll love it:

Everything the Ergo® Smart Base offers, and more. The most elite power base on the market offers premium technologies, combining ultimate relaxation from head, foot, and pillow tilt capabilities with an automatic snore detection and response feature — plus, all-night insights and customized sleep coaching tips in an easy-to-use app.


Put Your Sleep on Autopilot

Nothing to wear, start, or stop — just smarter sleep, night after night. Sleeptracker®-AI does the work for you. Just download the companion app to your smartphone and receive minute-by-minute snapshots of your sleep journey, along with personalized easy to implement tips to help you sleep better.


A Smarter Response to Snoring

When your TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base senses snoring from you or your partner, it automatically adjusts the bed to raise your head to a position that may help reduce snoring by opening your airway.


Sleep Coaching

Artificial Intelligence offers easy-to-implement tips based on your personal sleep behavior and then compares your sleep to people like you.

See your nightly trends and receive personalized suggestions to reach your best night's sleep.


Smart Alarm

Set an AI-powered alarm designed to wake you when your lightest phase of sleep is detected — to help you wake more refreshed.


Smart Home Compatibility

The Sleeptracker® monitor works with Hey Google & Alexa to connect with your smart home. Use simple voice commands to hear your sleep score, coaching tips, and more.


Head & Foot Massage

Unwind with soothing, gentle massage vibrations to help lull away the stresses of the day, both mentally and physically. Available with 3 levels of intensity in 4 zones.


Zero Gravity

Elevates your head and feet to closely simulate weightlessness and help take the pressure off your back while you sleep.


USB Ports

No need to get out of bed to charge your electronics, just plug them right into your Ergo adjustable base's built in USB ports.


Underbed Lighting

Turn on to see where you're walking in the middle of the night, no more turning on bright overhead lights that make it harder for you or your partner to fall back asleep.


Pillow Tilt

Allows you to adjust your pillow height and angle with a slight tilt at the neck.



Exclusive Tempur-Pedic technology that optimizes the shape of your mattress so you can relax in a more natural position.


25 Year warranty included

TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Smart Base with Sleeptracker®-AI

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