A very Common misconception among consumers is believing that a well known (and well advertised) Brand Name Mattress somehow assures you’re getting a quality mattress. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact you are paying for the name (and advertising) and not getting a good value for your money. To illustrate this fact we’re revealing what is actually inside two mattresses one from Simmons and one from us. We could literally publish hundreds of pages of examples like this, unfortunately if we bought every brand name mattress just to cut it open it would get very expensive very quickly. We don’t recommend paying the high prices for these mattresses to sleep on much less cutting them apart. You won’t see this information from the local Big Mattress Store. Most of them don’t know what’s inside or tell you what they have been trained to say or just make it up as they go along. Here we are comparing a Simmons Comforpedic Exclusive Comfort Mattress to Our Super Hybrid Resort Mattress. The Simmons in a queen size is listed on Mattress for less website for $3499, supposedly $3200 off of the full retail price of $6699.99. We sell our Super Hybrid Resort Mattress in a Queen size for $1295. This doesn’t sound like a fair contest does it? A $1300 Mattress verses a $3500 Mattress?

The $3500 Simmons Mattress doesn’t Stand a Chance!





On the left (mattress A) we have the $3500 Simmons, on the right (mattress B) we have our $1300 Super Hybrid Resort mattress. They both look nice on the outside, but lets go inside and see what really matters.

Here is the $3500 Simmons cut open to reveal the layers as follows:

  • A: 2″ Memory Foam with Gel Beads
  • B: 2″ Memory Foam
  • C: 1.5″ Firm Polystyrene Foam
  • D: 2″-1″ Twisted Polystyrene (Plastic) with 1/2″ Latex on each side
  • E: 1.8 Pound Poly Support Foam


  • A: 1.5″ Soft Cool-Gel Blended Memory Foam
  • B: 1.5″ Medium Firm Cool-Gel Blended Memory Foam
  • C: 1.5″ 100% Natural Talalay Latex Foam
  • D: 1″ 100% Natural Dunlop Latex Bonding Layer for Longevity
  • E: 1.5″ 100% Natural Talalay Latex Foam
  • F: 2.0 Pound Poly Support Foam


So Let’s Summarize what we Learned Here.

$3500 Mattress – 2″of Memory Foam with Gel Beads

$1300 Mattress – 3″ Total Blended Cool-Gel Memory Foam

Blended means the Cool-Gel Beads are Melted in a liquid form with Visco Elastic Memory Foam. This is the Right way to do it. Beads can and do separate from the Memory Foam, where Blending produces a much more Stable and Durable Coll-Gel Memory Foam.

$3500 Mattress –  2″ of Memory Foam we will give them this layer and replace it  below with 100% Natural Latex.

$3500 Mattress – 2″ consisting of 1″ Twisted Polystyrene Plastic, 1/2″ of Latex on each side = 1″ of Latex

$1300 Mattress – 4″ consisting of 1″ of Natural Dunlop Latex with 1.5 ” of 100% Natural Talalay Latex on each side = 4″ of Latex

Basically they have 1″ of latex which they do not claim to be Natural, so we assume that it’s synthetic or lab made. We have 4″ of Natural Dunlop and Talalay Latex, the $3500 Mattress is not even close!!

$3500 Mattress – 1.8 Pound Poly Support Foam

$1300 Mattress – 2.0 Pound Poly Support Foam

Higher density support foam cost a little more but it adds to the Mattress durability and longevity.

We did this to make you aware of what you “could” be buying. The Fact is This:

Buying a Big Brand Mattress will Cost You a Lot More Money, But You Get Less Mattress!

Not a Good Deal for the Consumer But a Great Deal for the Manufacturer and Big Box Retailer.

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